About motorcycle brakes

1. use brakes front or rear brake?
Front and rear brake used! Front and rear brake at the same time effective method to use is a short distance from the emergency brake. Experienced riders know, the main braking of motorcycles from the front brakes, front brakes brake capacity approximately up to 70%, but only 70% were not enough, if the braking force of the rear brake, brake effect will be more pronounced!
2. the brake at the same time we should document it?
Yes, that's right. If there is enough stopping distance and Knight can respond in a timely manner cases, recommended Knight after braking deceleration cope with withdrawal. If Knight when the emergency happens to be one, then keep the stalls, falls and they are best at each stop to first gear. Furthermore, in order to prevent shifting errors in the emergency situation, Knight best returned more than once, until confirmation is a document so far!
3. emergency brake: engine braking is necessary? It is necessary. Engine braking effect mainly on the rear wheel, if you need more rear wheel braking, then use engine braking, this approach can achieve more efficient braking. Relative to the back way, more simple, smooth engine braking, but riders still need to practice it.