August 29th - the birth of the world's first motorcycle

When it comes to the world's first, you may remember the inventor of the first telephone and television, and of course the inventor of the world's first car, Carl Benz. Today we are talking about the world's first two-wheeled motorcycle. The person who invented the first motorcycle also has an inextricable relationship with the car. That is Gottlieb Daimler.

First, Daimler was not the first person to install an internal combustion engine on a bicycle. In 1884, the Englishman Edward Butler installed an internal combustion engine on an improved bicycle frame. A wheel, the internal combustion engine is driven by a chain, and the wheel centered behind the seat is the drive wheel. Rather, this can be considered the first three-wheeled motorbike.

The birth of a motorcycle was also attributed to the bicycle. The first fully functional and widely accepted bicycle was the Rover Safety designed by John Kemp Starley in 1885, and before that, Daimler was in 1882. In the year he founded the experimental workshop in his back garden in the home of Storgart. After the bicycle quickly occupied the market, the installation and commissioning of Daimler Reitwagen came to an end, which is the name Daimler gave for his two-wheeled motorcycle.

Daimler and his partner Maybach developed a compact single-cylinder engine patented on April 3, 1884, known as the "Master Clock Engine." The 264cc single-cylinder air-cooled four-stroke engine has a maximum power of only 0.5 hp and a top speed of 12km/h. Daimler installed the engine under the seat and used the gear rotating device to drive the rear wheel. In order to improve driving stability, Daimler installed auxiliary stabilizer wheels on both sides of the bicycle. On August 29, 1885, Daimler invented The motorcycle with a single-cylinder air-cooled engine was patented, so this day was also positioned as the birth date of the world's first two-wheeled motorcycle.