Control led motorcycle brake lights in much different ways

1, current control
Led one of the fundamental problems is that led is controlled by the current device, the voltage drop is relatively low. The easiest way is to use resistors limit the current led brake lights.
2, current of linear control
Linear control through a linear regulator to maintain the current through the led brake light is a constant. Linear control and in some cases inefficient, for example, the forward voltage of 3.5V 1A (3W) led.
Led brake lights are lights a trend of development
Although high growth momentum of Chinese motorcycles has declined, equipped with full set except the headlamp headlight haojue motorcycles led brake lights.
But the motorcycle market remains competitive, new models, new models from time to time, further accelerating the research and development of new led brake lights.
Worthy of mention Honda, Suzuki and qianjiang motorcycle manufacturing companies, according to models of this demand, featuring 4 cars 7 led lights of the design requirements and plans.