Correct adjustment method of motorcycle rearview mirror

Some motorcyclists think they don't need to adjust the rearview mirror. Because I am faster than people and vehicles around me. To show this, some people simply dismantled the rearview mirror or, albeit installed, but turned to the front to express themselves. Perhaps, in some places this is indeed feasible, but not safe. According to statistics, a large proportion of motorcycle traffic accidents are caused by collisions with rear vehicles or vehicles coming from the rear. Therefore, the correct adjustment of the motorcycle rearview mirror plays a very important role in the personal safety of the Cavaliers. Different types of mirrors have different adjustment methods. The most common motorcycle rearview mirrors currently on motorcycles are interlocked and fixed by two nuts. To adjust such a mirror, a suitable wrench is required.


Motorcycle rearview mirror

First, place the rearview mirror in the middle of the end of the arm. This allows the mirror to have the greatest possible adjustment once the position of the arm is determined. Then, use a wrench to loosen the nut so that there is a certain gap between the two interlocking nuts. Please note that if your car has special processing such as chrome plating, please put a layer of paper or a piece of cloth between the wrench and the nut to avoid hurting the surface.

Now, the Cavaliers can sit on their motorcycles. It would be great if there was a support or someone could hold you. If not, then lean against the wall on the other side and start adjusting the arm. Until you reach your ideal vision and location.

Motorcycles are different from cars. In addition to the rear view mirrors on both sides, the car also has a rear view mirror. If properly adjusted, the driver fully sees everything behind him. However, there are no rearview mirrors for motorcycles, and there are blind spots in the left and right rearview mirrors even in the so-called optimal motorcycle rearview mirror position. Therefore, in order to protect their safety during the riding process, the Cavaliers must always do a "two shoulders" inspection.


During the ride, the Cavaliers must fully understand the traffic conditions behind them and the left and right sides. Therefore, our recommendations for rearview mirror adjustment are: one side can see behind oneself, and the other side of the rearview mirror can see the range of three quarters behind. When the determination is complete, re-lock the nut. But in any case, when changing lanes, pay attention to the "two shoulders" inspection. Some models have reached a certain speed, and the rearview mirrors are blurred because of excessive vibration. At this time, you can try to use a thick rubber washer or a professional shock absorbing module to add the position of the rearview mirror to reduce the vibration. Impact.