How often does the motorcycle spark plug change? How to change the motorcycle spark plug?

Spark plug replacement time depends on the material

Depending on the material of the spark plug, the type of spark plug can be divided into: ordinary copper core, sheet metal, platinum, sheet metal, platinum-rhodium alloy spark plug, etc. These types of spark plugs have different service life, and the corresponding replacement mileage also varies.

The service life of motorcycle spark plugs varies according to the material of the spark plugs. It cannot be unified. Below, we will introduce the replacement time according to the spark plugs of different materials.

Nickel spark plug:

After going through 30,000 kilometers, you have to change it. Don't stick to it anymore.

Platinum spark plug:

It must be replaced after driving 40,000-50,000 km. Of course, if it is very worn, it should be replaced soon.

Sheet metal spark plug:

The material is more resistant to wear and it is safe to replace it after driving for 100,000 km.

Regardless of the material of your spark plug, you must insist on motorcycle maintenance and extend the life of motorcycle parts.

The steps for checking and replacing the spark plug of a motorcycle engine are as follows:

1. Remove the spark plug cap and remove the surrounding debris.

2. Remove the spark plug with the spark plug socket wrench used with the vehicle.

3. Remove the spark plug carbon with iron braze and remove the debris from the spark plug with a brush.

4. Check if the spark plug electrode is ablated. If there is ablation, replace the spark plug.

5. Check the spark plug gap with a thick gauge and adjust the spark plug gap to 0.6-0.7mm.

6. Check the gasket on the spark plug. If it is severely deformed or broken, it should be replaced.

7, spark check: the foot starts the engine, check the spark color, the spark should be blue and white

8. When tightening the spark plug, in order to prevent thread disorder, the spark plug should be screwed into place by hand and then tightened with a spark plug sleeve.