How to judge the cylinder pressure of the motorcycle?

If you want to accurately judge the test cylinder pressure, you must use the cylinder pressure gauge. When using it, remove the spark plug. Use the rubber head of the pressure gauge to tightly press on the spark plug hole, then screw the throttle to drive the electric start or foot. The engine, and observe the maximum reading of the meter pointer, the cylinder pressure of ordinary motorcycles is generally around 15 kg / cm. In fact, the usual repair of motorcycles is less need to be measured with the instrument. The general simple method is to remove the spark plug, use your fingers to block the spark plug, press the start lever forcefully or press the electric start button. At this time, the finger should be strong. The impact of the impact, there are air waves rushing out from the edge of the finger, the finger should not block the spark plug hole, if the pressure is small or the finger can easily block the spark plug, it means that the cylinder is not compressed enough, there is a leak. Generally, the valve is not tightly closed or the cylinder piston and the ring are excessively worn.