Motorcycle chain is correctly adjusted

(1) adjusted to keep motorcycle chain tightness in 15mm~20mm, always check the buffer body bearing raised the throne and grease, the bearing's working environment is poor, without lubrication, damages could be enormous, bearing if damaged, can lead to teeth after tilt, ranging from tooth side wear, chains, chains can be easily fall off.
(2) adjusted the chain in addition to the chain adjustment adjusted the scale outside of the frame, before and after applying eye teeth and chains are in the same line, due to damage to frame or fork if educated. Rear wheel fork is damaged after deformation of the frame, and then to the chain to its scale will enter an error, mistaking chain chains in the same straight line, linear has been destroyed, so this check is very important (the best adjustment remove the chain case), in case of problems should be corrected immediately, eliminating the trouble, sure.
(3) replace the chain when the chain is important to note that replacement materials technology of fine quality product (special repair station accessories more formal), which can extend the life. Must not be cheap and buy substandard products, especially the teeth of substandard goods, more eccentric out of round, once bought the replacement, we will find that the chain tight or loose, consequences are unpredictable.