Motorcycle instrument six functions

Analysis on motorcycle dashboards six functions and
1, lamp status indicator: displays motor lamp (lamp to the left and right lamps, driving lamps) current work status is high (12V) lit.
2, gear status indicator: show motorcycle gear (neutral, 1, 2, 3, 4) current work status, are all low level (ground wire) lit. When choosing a stall and motorcycle, any time there is only one stall lit. Motorcycle keys open the switch, neutral lamp direct lighting.
3, a motorcycle speeds indicate: according to dashboard sent outside a motorcycle speed pulse signal, stepper motor drives the pointer indicates the current vehicle speed. When the door closed, the pointer to zero.
4, motorcycle line of oil amount indicating: dashboard sent outside a motorcycle oil pulsed signals (resistors), driven by a stepper motor pointer indicates the current oil production. When the door closed, the pointer to zero.
5, the total mileage of the motorcycle display: liquid crystal display motorcycle mileage and power saving features.
6, the instrument panel displays at night: dashboard Panel has a backlight, LCD, speed under pointer and LED light under lamp oil pointer. Backlight on high level (12V), the backlight and LED is lit.