Motorcycle instrument works

Motorcycle instruments including the odometer and speedometer.
A drive shaft through the software under the speedometer shaft connected with a group within the front wheel drive gear, a round piece of a permanent magnet fixed on the drive shaft and rotate the drive shaft, is equivalent to a set of coils of a peripheral metal cover on the magnet, they contact each other, there is a certain gap.
Speedometer pointer fixed together with the underside of the metal cover, and connected to the Gossamer, Gossamer to reset the pointer swings smoothly and in a timely manner. When the motorcycle is front wheel driven speedometer gears, through a flexible shaft to the magnet on the instrument drive shaft rotation, at this point, the lines were cut between the magnets and metal cover, induced to form a magnetic field of the coil. The interaction between magnetic fields and magnetic fields of permanent magnets, metal cover turned. Shroud of rotational damping effect by the spring, when the metal cover of spring damping torque and torque are equal, on the speedometer pointer indicates a value to indicate that driving speed. High speed permanent magnet rotating faster, stronger torsion, shroud led speed indicator oscillating greater angle. When the car slows down, and permanent magnet speed decreased, induced magnetic field in the coil less torque becomes small, in spring under the speedometer pointer swing angle is also smaller. If the motorcycle stopped, permanent magnets are stopped, the induced magnetic field in the coil disappeared, speedometer along with the pointer in the spring back into place.