Motorcycle summer maintenance

1. Checking the high temperature of the brake system can easily cause the brake fluid to evaporate and generate gas, forming a gas resistance. The brake friction plate is also easily ablated, causing the brake to malfunction. The brake system should be checked and adjusted in time, added or replaced. Dynamic fluid, empty air resistance in the pipeline to improve the reliability of braking performance.


2, check the tire pressure in the summer to pay attention to the tire pressure. Proper tire air pressure gives the motorcycle maximum traction, stability, driving comfort and long life.


Insufficient tire pressure not only increases driving resistance, increases engine load and fuel consumption, but also causes the tire to fall off the rim; excessive tire pressure can reduce the stability of the motorcycle. Therefore, before leaving the car, you should carefully check the tire pressure of the motorcycle.


3, timely replacement of oil in the summer, the ambient temperature is high, the viscosity of the oil is reduced, the oil is correspondingly thin, and the oil that uses the required viscosity will deteriorate the lubrication condition of the friction surfaces of the engine, which will aggravate the wear of the machine. In addition, the service life of the oil at high temperatures will also be shortened. Therefore, when entering the summer maintenance, it is best to change the oil in time.


4. Clean the filter element to adjust the gas distribution to increase the cleaning frequency of the air filter, reduce the air intake resistance; clean the carburetor in time to reduce the oil level of the float chamber; correctly adjust the gas distribution screw to reduce the oil supply and ensure the correct air-fuel ratio . Through the above measures, reduce fuel consumption and prevent engine overheating


5, to avoid overload and excessive weight will make the engine load too large, always in the bad working conditions of large throttle, low speed. This will reduce the normal cooling effect, make the engine overheating, deteriorate the lubrication conditions, and increase the wear, which will lead to a gradual decline in engine performance, which will eventually shorten the service life of the motorcycle.


6. Avoid driving for a long time after driving for a long distance. Stop the engine and let the engine cool down. Do not pour cold water on the engine to prevent bursting. Keep the engine clean and ensure good heat dissipation.