Motorcycle tire tire pressure is too high or low for a long time

Tire pressure is too low for a long time


The tire pressure is too small for a long time, the contact between the tire and the ground will increase, and the overheating will occur, so that the use of the tire will be reduced. Will you find out if your tire is "not enough gas" for a long time, will it be "skinned" soon? ".


On the other hand, the texture of the tires with low air pressure will be very poor, and even the control type will be affected, especially when the corner is over, the whole car will be thrown out, which is very easy to cause safety hazards.


In addition, the low air pressure of the tires will increase the area of the ground, and the fuel consumption will become larger than the normal tire pressure. Perhaps many of the fans feel that their cars are “not enough” and will become “big food”.


Tire pressure is too high for a long time


The tire tire pressure is too high, and the tire's own shock absorption stroke is shortened, thereby reducing the comfort during driving. In short, if the tire pressure is high, the car will become very sturdy when driving, reducing comfort and easily inducing safety hazards.


On the other hand, the tire pressure is too high, the contact area with the ground is reduced, the tire's own grip is reduced, and it is easy to cause skidding or even rollover in rainy weather or in bad weather.


Measurement of tire pressure of motorcycle tires

How to judge how much tire pressure should be played



Different types of motorcycles have different tire pressures, and the required tire pressures are different for front and rear wheels and for single and double driving, but it is generally not possible to adjust the tire pressure every time single or double driving.


The professional one can be judged according to the barometer and the tire pressure above the tire. For example, the small motorcycle is a household motorcycle. The 125-row straddle and the bay beam front tire are about 2.25 and the rear tire is about 2.75. The scooter front tire is about 2.00. The rear tire is about 2.50.


Motorcycle tire tire pressure mark

(observe the information on the tire, you can pump according to the specific reference value of the tire)


If you are not so professional, you can use your hands to press the tires. You can use your hands to press the tires. The tires can only sag 2, 3 mm and the front wheel pressure can be 3, 4 mm.


The tire pressure of the motorcycle should be checked at intervals. "There is less gas and it is added, but the gas is fierce." But it is worth noting that the tire pressure will decrease in winter. You should pay more attention to the tire pressure and remember the tires of the rear wheel. The pressure is higher than the front wheel, and the tire pressure of the front wheel can be appropriately less.