Motorcycle water first aid methods

1. motorcycle intake parts
Motorcycle driving, once after wading into the water, easily lead to major water components of vehicle fuel supply systems, circuits, control systems, followed by components such as engines, ignition, power generators and fuel tanks, and water into the fuel supply system and carburetor, air filter.
2. motorcycle parts after water main fault
Motorcycle into the water after the main features are: 1) in normal driving and suddenly do not add oil, and more shapely speed descending slowly, with the engine stalling on their own, and when this occurs, may be the vehicle fuel supply system with water. 2) when the vehicle is at normal speeds, vehicle speed suddenly plunged, and associated with significant force, with the engine stalling on their own, this is the circuit control system into the water. 3) if the vehicle when driving normal, doesn't come on suddenly, and engine exhaust pipe clearance "Pa Pa Pa" sound, and interstitial water of the engine feel, although it can continue for some time, but eventually the engine will stall, this is a typical water circuit control system failure.