Pedal bikes to reinterpret motor spirit

As one of the modern major mode of transport for motorcycle, has a history, due to its convenience by people all ages, but with the development of the social productive forces, rapid rise more safe and comfortable family car, motorcycle once status has been lost. Even so, all around us, there are still a group of people, they were riding a motorcycle is not only confined to commuting, their love of motorcycles is beyond the scope as the means of transportation, in their eyes, the motorcycle is not a machine without a soul, they love motorcycles and enjoy motorcycles brings them joy.
Motorcycle riders on the pursuit of happiness is simple, they are not demanding material with fame and fortune, they believe in liberty, not willing to be bound glass frame of the car; they were close to nature, mountains and is their favorite place, their pursuit of personality, do not care about what other people think, they dare to challenge, not afraid of wind and rain, like taking the road not taken. This is the spirit of motorcycle motorcycle riders, a group of people they are worthy of our respect.