Summer motorcycle driving considerations

1. before driving, you should carefully check the functioning parts of the motorcycle, although this is a cliché, but it is necessary. In particular, should carefully check the tyre pressure of motorcycles.
Possibility of tire increases. Therefore, tire inflation pressure should not be too rose-filled, in case of sudden tire expansion road after Sun drying in the summer temperatures are often as high as 60-70 ℃, temperature road, when the tyre temperature, tire pressure will rise sharply.
2. before driving, you should carefully check the braking of motorcycles.
Driving, in case of emergency to front and rear wheels when braking at the same time, separate braking and braking to prevent wheel lock caused by excessive, or motorcycle side due to tremendous inertia or ago.
3. be sure to maintain speed, minimize the use of high speed, especially not at high speeds for a long time. So to avoid the engine load at high temperatures, causing the engine to overheat or even damaged. If you need long distance motorcycle, driving some distance, stop cooling the engine in case of high temperatures damage engine system.