The secret of a motorcycle twin-cylinder engine and a single-cylinder engine that you never knew

In terms of structure, the two-cylinder engine has a complicated structure, and the single-cylinder engine has a simple structure. The most direct manifestation of this difference is the cost of post-maintenance and the complexity of maintenance, so the single-cylinder engine has the advantages of simple maintenance and low maintenance costs.

From the performance of the engine, the single-cylinder engine has a strong explosive force, and the two-cylinder engine has a high speed. This difference causes the single-cylinder engine to vibrate and the twin-cylinder engine to run more smoothly.

From the fuel consumption level of the two engines, theoretically the same displacement, the same engine double-cylinder machine should save fuel, but in actual use, both are similar, even the single-cylinder engine fuel consumption level is lower than the double-cylinder. Machine phenomenon. This difference may mainly come from the engine speed, because although the twin-cylinder machine runs more smoothly but the road conditions directly affect the engine speed, especially the uphill road surface, it is not surprising that this difference exists.

Generally speaking, the double-cylinder machine has high cost, stable operation and excellent speed performance, while the single-cylinder machine has strong explosive force, and the maintenance cost is low in the later stage, but its vibration is slightly larger than that of the exhaust sound. When you choose a model, you can choose according to the main use requirements, and these two engines are not absolutely good or bad, only that one is more suitable for your main use needs. Therefore, the twin-cylinder has a double-cylinder, and the single-cylinder has a single-cylinder.