These three behaviors are the most harmful to new motorcycles

Passionate to change lights and exhaust

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Many people said that the original factory lighting was too dark to meet the demand, so they chose to modify the Xenon headlights or LED headlights. These devices are usually equipped with ballasts and separate voltage regulators, and the power is not low, for the whole vehicle's circuit system. It caused a lot of burden. In the cause of self-ignition accidents of vehicles, accidents caused by overheating or short circuit of the circuit accounted for more than 70%. In addition, most of the domestic modified lamps are of inferior quality, so changing the lights is tantamount to adding a car to your car. Time bomb.


Do not change the lamp when the brightness is sufficient. It is necessary to choose a large brand qualified product, and try not to damage the original car line.


Refueling only recognizes No. 97


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At present, China's gasoline is basically divided into two sets of standards: 92/95/98 and 90/93/97. The large cities such as Beishangguang use the previous national five standards, and other cities use the original standards. The higher the gas octane number, the higher the antiknock value, and the more theoretically “burn resistant”. However, for most single-cylinder vehicles with a compression ratio lower than 10, 95/97/ is not used at all. No. 98 gasoline is necessary. If a low compression ratio motorcycle uses high-octane gasoline, it will not only burn insufficiently, but will increase the carbon deposit. In short, it is spent, and it has not benefited.


Only change the oil without changing the filter air filter


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A lot of people said that it is clear that my car has been changing the oil, why is the car condition still not as good as other people's cars? Then, in addition to changing the oil, do you replace or clean the filter air filter? These filters seem inconspicuous, but they are more important than you think, because the reason for accelerating engine wear and carbon deposition is nothing more than impurities and dust. There are three main sources: dust and particles in the air, impurities in the gasoline, and Additives, the engine runs into the metal chips, and the components that filter these impurities are the various filter elements that need to be replaced regularly to keep the engine more durable.