What type of motor is the motorcycle starter motor and what is the working voltage?

The motorcycle starter motor is a DC motor with an operating voltage of 12v.

Motorcycle electric starting system and working principle:

Motorcycle electric starting system is mainly composed of starting relay, starting motor, battery, start button and ignition system (referring to ignition coil, trigger block, high voltage wire connector, spark plug, etc.). Start the motor, also known as the starter motor. It is a special DC motor with small volume and high power. The starting motor is mainly composed of a stator and a rotor, a base and the like.

The working principle is that when the motor is supplied with the power supply current, the stator armature winding of the motor generates a rotating magnetic field. When there is a relative motion between the rotating magnetic field and the stationary rotor, the magnetic field lines of the rotating magnetic field will cut the rotor conductor, and the rotor conductor towel will induce an induced current. The current interacts with the rotating magnetic field to generate an electromagnetic force, and forms an electromagnetic moment on the rotating shaft to rotate the rotor. The rotor drives the crankshaft of the engine to drive the vehicle to start.