Auto Parts Replacement

1. use sealant, paint alternative available when necessary to achieve the desired sealing effect;
2. appearance quality of rubber seals should be carefully checked before assembly using specialized tools MV distribution, avoiding knocking deformation;
3. in accordance with the regulations raise the lubricating grease, regular cleaning to clear the ventilation holes and check valves;
4. assembled in very clean condition, part work surface with no bumps, no scratches, burrs and other attachments;
5. strict procedures, seals should be properly installed to prevent distortion;
6. seal the performance specifications and usage requirements, the timely replacement of failure parts;
7. side cover of thin-walled parts, calibration is made of sheet metal cold; easy to wear and tear parts such as shaft hole with metal plating, welding, glueing, machining process in order to achieve the original size;
8. slide buckle, breaking loose the nut should be repaired or replaced with new parts, and screwed to the prescribed torque.