How To Choose Practical Car Accessories

1, see trademarks are complete
Authentic auto parts packaging quality. Packages are clear. Overprint color is bright. Box. On the bag. Products shall be marked with the name. Standard models. Quantity. Registered trademark. Plant plant addresses and phone numbers, and so on. Some manufacturers also play their own mark on the accessories. Some important components such as generators. Distributor. Fuel injection pump and so on. Also comes with the instruction manual. Certification and testing chapter. To guide users to the correct use and maintenance. When you purchase should be carefully to discern. In case of buying counterfeit products.
2, see geometry deformation
Some auto parts manufacturing. Transport. Improper storage. Easy to deformation. Checking. You can scroll along the glass panels of a shaft by a circle. Watch parts and glass panels fit to judge whether there is no leak around the bend, buy clutch driven plate steel plate or friction film. Steel sheet can be. Friction plates in front of us to observe whether it is warped, when purchasing seals. Oil seal with skeleton face is round. And zero deflection of flat glass, no skeleton oil seal rims should be correct. Deformation with hands. Let go should be restored. In shopping pad. Should also pay attention to check size and shape.
3, see binding sites are flat
Auto parts during handling. During storage. Due to vibration. The bump. Burr often binding sites. Indentation. Breakage or cracks. Parts used. Should check when buying.