Motorcycle CYLINDER Block Cylinder Wear

Motorcycle CYLINDER Block Cylinder wear

Cylinder wear

Engine work, there will be the following types of wear, although the extent of different, but mutual influence.

1. Abrasive wear: due to the inhalation of air mixed with dust, oil in the carbon, metal debris and other foreign hard impurities, the formation of abrasive, attached to the cylinder mirror, causing the cylinder wear.

2. Corrosive wear: Combustion of combustible combustion of acid products (such as C02, CO, S02) and water vapor combined, will cause corrosion of the cylinder surface metal, the piston friction, the cylinder surface metal off, that is corrosive wear The

3. Melt wear: When the cylinder and the piston in the case of poor lubrication, the two have a very small part of the metal direct contact, the formation of local heat frictional heat, so that touch adhesion, shedding, and gradually expand that wear, serious Cylinder ".

Normal wear and tear has the following trends: the performance in the cylinder cross-section, due to the piston skirt of the inherent line and the cylinder wall side of the pressure generated will be oval; performance in the cylinder longitudinal section, because the upper cylinder near the combustion chamber temperature is high, It is not easy to form the oil film and the formation of the upper and lower small inverted cone.

Analysis of Causes of Abnormal Wear

1. Cylinder upper wear serious: with a lot of dust or serious coke inhalation, should maintain or replace the air filter, remove the coke, and check whether the channeling oil.

2. The lower part of the cylinder wear serious: oil contains a lot of metal abrasive or dust, should be replaced with clean oil.

3. Cylinder in the middle of serious wear and tear: the engine is too cold to produce corrosion and cold start cold frequent, should be to review the cooling system.

4. The first piston ring at the end of serious wear and tear: that the engine overheating, heat is not good, should check the cooling system, ignition system (including spark plug selection), and check the rod bearing is loose.

Six, the cylinder wear after the damage to the engine

Cylinder wear, and the piston with the gap increases, can cause fishing, blow-by gas, reduce the compression pressure, dynamic deterioration, serious will cause knocking cylinder, aggravate the cylinder, piston, piston ring wear.

Seven, the choice of cylinder and piston clearance

Four stroke machine: 0.010mm-O. 025mm; two-stroke machine: 0.015mm ~ O. 030mm.