Motorcycle CYLINDER Block Number Of Cylinders And Cylinder Arrangement

  Single cylinder engine

        Motorcycle CYLINDER Block Single-cylinder four-stroke engine, the crankshaft burned once every two laps, so it is clear that the work of the engine is intermittent, exhaust sound intermittent stronger. Due to the above characteristics, single-cylinder motorcycle gives a sense of rush and rhythm.

        At low speed, the single-cylinder engine is not working smoothly, easy to stop the engine stalled. At high speed, the vibration is large.

        Multi-cylinder engine

        Two cylinders above the engine called multi-cylinder engine. Multi-cylinder machine a lot of advantages, such as smooth operation, smooth, help to improve the engine speed, help to improve power. Its shortcomings are large size, heavy weight, the structure is more complex.

        Inline engine

        The engine cylinder and crankshaft direction into a row of the engine is called inline engine. In the motorcycle, the engine is often arranged in the horizontal frame, so it was also called the engine side by side.

        V-type engine

        The history of the V-type engine is longer than the history of the in-line engine. On the V-type engine, the two cylinder links are arranged on a crank pin so that the length of the crankshaft can be greatly reduced. Can make the engine significantly small and lightweight, so that the direction of the motorcycle to light and flexible.

        V-type engine has many advantages, the drawback is that the intake and exhaust pipe structure is complex.

        Cylinder angle

Motorcycle CYLINDER Block In the V-type engine, the arrangement of the two rows of cylinders into a certain angle, the angle is called the cylinder angle. The size of the angle will directly affect the cylinder ignition interval, but also will affect the engine vibration characteristics.

        In the V2 engine, the cylinder angle is smaller, the engine work when the rhythm of the rhythm of the stronger. In fact, V2 engine rhythm than the single-cylinder machine are strong. Harry's V2 engine cylinder angle is 45 degrees.

        When using a 90 ° cylinder angle, the vibrations generated against the arranged two cylinders can cancel each other out. Many manufacturers Motorcycle CYLINDER Block have adopted the 90-degree angle of the V-type engine, such as Ducati, Moto Qi and Japan's Honda. In Japan, most other manufacturers do not use the 90-degree angle of the V-type engine. This may be from the general layout point of view, or the patent and related to it

        Horizontal opposed to the engine

        Cylinder angle of 180 degrees V-type engine is the level of the opposite engine. BMW's boxer's engine is horizontal.

        The layout of the engine

        The arrangement of the engine consists of two tasks. First, the layout of the engine itself, this work is mainly the choice of cylinder Motorcycle CYLINDER Block layout options, the second is the layout of the engine on the motorcycle, the work is mainly the direction of the engine layout. The choice of cylinder arrangement is important because it is related to the overall arrangement of the motorcycle and is related to the steering direction of the direction, and of course the arrangement of the engine in the frame.