Motorcycle Engine Parts Part Material And Process Summary

 1, Motorcycle Engine Parts the piston: commonly used materials for the cast iron and aluminum alloy, aluminum alloy can be divided into aluminum and copper alloy (Y alloy) and aluminum-silicon alloy (Lo-Ex alloy); rough processing methods can be divided into casting and forging two, Aluminum alloy piston due to its low cost is widely used in general internal combustion engine, but in the two-stroke diesel engine is still used cast iron piston; mass production using metal mold casting, single production with sand casting, the latest can be used extrusion casting. For the motorcycle, commonly used materials for the ZL108, ZL109, ZL117, etc., the common rough processing methods are metal casting, and the metal mold should be used under the core mold, and liquid forging process is its development direction, heat treatment is usually used solid solution strengthening (Equivalent to steel quenching) and complete artificial aging (T6), but also the use of quenching and stabilized tempering (T7).

2, Motorcycle Engine Parts the piston pin: the general use of 20,15CrA or 20Mn2 and other high-quality carburizing steel, in the enhanced internal combustion engine can be advanced alloy steel; its surface should be carburizing or surface hardening quenching, fatigue strength can be used to improve the cold extrusion Method, double-sided carburizing, cyanidation or nitriding. For the motorcycle, the material is generally low-carbon alloy steel (15Cr, 20Cr, 20Mn, 20CrMo, 20CrMnMo), the use of hot-rolled round steel, cold-rolled or cold drawn seamless steel pipe blanks by cold extrusion and temperature extrusion, Surface carburizing is an effective way to strengthen the piston pin.

3, Motorcycle Engine Parts the piston ring: commonly used materials for the cast iron and steel, cast iron can be divided into ductile iron and malleable cast iron, steel, such as 65Mn spring steel can be used to manufacture gas ring; surface treatment methods are chrome, tin, spray molybdenum and phosphate; Methods are single casting, mold processing and thermal fixation. For motorcycles, alloy cast iron (chrome molybdenum, tungsten alloy cast iron), ductile iron and steel (spring steel, stainless steel), the same as above.

4, Motorcycle Engine Parts connecting rod: the general use of medium carbon steel or alloy steel, cars, tractors and other small internal combustion engines commonly used 45,40Cr, 40MnB and other medium carbon steel forging, other enhanced internal combustion engine with 42CrMo, 18Cr2Ni4WA alloy steel, some low-power internal combustion engine There are also made of ductile iron; for forged steel connecting rod can be used to improve the surface of the shot peening fatigue strength, fixed rod head cover bolts available 40Cr, 35CrNiMo, 18Cr2Ni4WA alloy steel. For the motorcycle, can be used 45,40Cr, 40MnB, 20Cr, 42CrMo, 20CrMo and other materials by forging, roll forging or precision forging method, the use of roll forging time can also be used 45 steel, chilled cast iron and ductile iron manufacturing.