Motorcycle Ignition Coil Electronic Components

Motorcycle Ignition Coil Electronic components

Electric ignition system in the main ignition electronic components, distributor and distributor located in the ignition signal generator, ignition coil, spark plug and other components.

Currently used electronic ignition system, according to the energy storage system can be divided into different types of inductive ignition system and capacitive discharge ignition system two categories (the former energy storage components for the ignition coil, the latter storage components for the capacitor).

The traditional ignition system mainly consists of power supply, ignition switch, ignition coil, distribution, spark plug and other components.

In the traditional ignition system, by the battery or generator supply 12V low voltage, is through the ignition coil and breaker to convert it to high voltage, and then assigned to each cylinder through the distribution of spark plugs, sparks between the electrodes.

High-voltage current loop: secondary winding → "switch" terminal → additional resistance → "+ switch" terminal → ignition switch → ammeter → battery → ground → next to the spark plug electrode, the center electrode → distribution Fire head) → secondary winding.

Engine work, the process repeated over and over again, if you want to stop the engine, just turn off the ignition switch, cut off the primary circuit can be.

Causes of ignition coil damage are:

(1) The engine does not operate, and the ignition switch does not turn off for a long time, and the coil insulation in the ignition coil is destroyed due to the thermal effect of the current.

(2) engine overheating, coil insulation paint is roasted and failure.

(3) spark plug electrode gap is too large, increase the load on the ignition coil, the high voltage coil breakdown, resulting in short circuit or open circuit.

(4) high-voltage line circuit, so that there is no way to produce high-voltage, easily lead to high-voltage coil breakdown. At this time the engine is not easy to start, should check the high voltage circuit is open. 1. Primary coil open circuit

With multimeter rxi file detection primary coil resistance, when the resistance is significantly greater than normal, indicating that the primary coil lead poor contact or coil open circuit phenomenon. When open circuit appears in the external lead or plug (socket) parts, can be reconnected or welded; when the circuit appears in the interior, it is generally difficult to repair, should be replaced.

2. Secondary coil breakdown damage

With multimeter r × 1k file detection secondary coil resistance, when the resistance is significantly less than normal, the coil breakdown short circuit. The main cause of the secondary coil breakdown is the secondary coil high voltage dielectric strength insulation and operating voltage is too high. The main reason for the decrease of the dielectric strength of the secondary coil high voltage insulation is that the secondary coil is wetted, the secondary coil is overheated and the insulation material is aged. The main reason for the secondary coil operating voltage is too high spark plug electrode gap and high-voltage circuit connection loose.