Motorcycle Ignition Coil Ignition Method

Motorcycle Ignition Coil Ignition method

One, two-cylinder ignition method

  Double cylinder ignition means that two cylinders combined with an ignition coil, so this ignition can only be used for the number of cylinders on the even engine. If the two cylinder pistons are close to the top dead center (one is compressed and the other is exhaust), the two spark plugs share the same ignition coil and ignite at the same time, and one is the effective ignition. Invalid ignition, the former in the high-pressure low-temperature mixture, which is in low-pressure high-temperature exhaust gas, so the resistance between the two spark plugs completely different, the energy generated is not the same, resulting in much effective energy , About 80% of the total energy.

Second, a separate way of ignition

  The separate ignition method is to assign an ignition coil to each cylinder, and the ignition coil is mounted directly on the top of the spark plug, which also eliminates the high voltage line. This ignition is achieved by means of a camshaft sensor or by means of cylinder compression to achieve precise ignition. It is suitable for any number of cylinders and is particularly suitable for use with 4-cylinder engines per cylinder. Because the spark plug ignition coil assembly can be installed in the middle of the double overhead camshaft (DOHC), make full use of the gap space. Due to cancel the distributor and high-voltage lines, energy loss and leakage loss is minimal, no mechanical wear, and the cylinder of the ignition coil and spark plugs together, external metal package, greatly reducing the electromagnetic interference, can guarantee the normal engine control system jobs. Ignition coil This stuff is the same as the spark plug, is the need for timely replacement of consumables. In the engine running, the ignition line is often tens of thousands of volts of high-voltage pulse current, because of its long work in high temperature, dusty, vibrating environment, inevitably to aging or even damage.

Said for a long time, then the ignition coil aging or damage will bring any consequences?

Ignition line and damage to the ignition line will greatly reduce the ignition energy, so that the engine fuel consumption increases, power down, serious will cause off the fire, which for the engine with a three-way catalyst is a fatal fault. In addition, the ignition system in the distributor cover, sub-fire, ignition coil, spark plug plug and other components should also remember to check and maintain.

1. The outer surface of the ignition coil should be kept clean. Internal should avoid moisture, in order to maintain its good insulation performance.

2. Ignition coil High pressure lead screw and high voltage connection should be solid and reliable. If the connection is loose, it is prone to discharge flashover, so that the connection site burned.

3. Ignition coil One end of the secondary winding is connected with the spark plug by the high voltage line and the spark plug cap. In use, it is necessary to prevent the high voltage thread / spark plug from loosening. When the high-voltage line or spark plug cap off, will make the secondary winding high voltage due to load open and raised to determine the working capacity of the limit, easily lead to damage to the secondary winding breakdown.

4. Ignition coil primary winding and external circuit connection should be solid and reliable. In the battery ignition system, the connection between the low-voltage terminal and the external circuit is usually the polarity of the provisions of the positive low-voltage connection should be directly or indirectly connected with the battery cathode, negative pole terminal connected with the battery negative.