Motorcycle Ignition Coil The Reason For Not Working

Motorcycle Ignition Coil The reason for not working

Our motorcycle is no less than the ignition coil, our car voltage is only twelve volts, it can not start the generator, and the ignition coil is equivalent to a variable pressure, it can be twelve volt low voltage immediately converted into two or three million V high voltage, so that the spark plug can produce sparks, the car can run up. We will find that sometimes our car can not start, it is possible that the ignition coil can not work properly, then the cause of the ignition coil does not work for the following reasons.

First of all, if we use the spark plug year is relatively long, causing the gap between the ends of the electrode is too large, which will increase the working load of the ignition coil, the high voltage coil breakdown, resulting in short circuit or open circuit. Second, if the engine is not used for a long time, but the ignition switch is not closed, so that will be due to a long time power, the current heat generated by the ignition coil insulation paint burned, resulting in ignition coil can not be used. Again, high-voltage lines do not pass, resulting in open circuit, resulting in high-voltage coil was breakdown. At this time the engine is not easy to start, should check whether the high voltage circuit is broken. Finally, we also pay attention to the car's water temperature, if the water temperature is too high will burn the ignition coil.

Motorcycle ignition coil is normal, will directly affect the launch of the motorcycle, so that the engine can not start, causing the car can not drive, so we in the daily maintenance of the car must not ignore the ignition coil that seems to be a small role in the huge parts The In order to reduce the eddy current and its loss, usually using overlapping silicon steel sheet instead of a single ignition coil core, made out of the clip / laminated core, which includes single and three phase. This type of ignition coil core consists of core laminations, insulation parts and core structure and so on. And structural parts, including pull tape, pressure nails, clamp pieces, pad feet, supporting plate and so on. These structural members need to ensure the full clamping of the stack, thus forming a complete and solid ignition coil core structure.

In order to reduce the eddy current loss, laminations and clips, pad, brace, pull and pull between the plate are required to have insulation. Ignition coil core stack leads to ground lead to the clip or through the tank to the external reliable grounding, to avoid multi-point grounding. Because the silicon steel sheet plane and the magnetic induction line parallel to the film coated with insulating paint or with a natural insulating oxide layer, the eddy current is limited to the thin film, so that eddy current is greatly reduced, thereby reducing the power loss.