Motorcycle Ignition Coil Tighten The Line

Motorcycle Ignition Coil Tighten the line

The use of motorcycle ignition coil need to pay attention to what? Motorcycle ignition coil in the usual use to always check the fastening line connector, but also to prevent the motorcycle ignition coil heat or moisture. Motorcycle ignition coil if the use of improper methods, will cause damage to the motorcycle ignition coil, it should note the following:

1. Motorcycle ignition coil on the water can only be dry with a cloth, must not use fire baking, otherwise it will damage the motorcycle ignition coil.

2. Spark plug can not be long "hanging fire".

3. Do not open the engine when the engine is not running; often check, clean, tighten the line connector, to avoid short circuit or ground; control engine performance, to prevent the voltage is too high. When the motorcycle ignition coil is damaged, there will be too small ignition voltage or spark is too weak, the phenomenon of lack of fire, resulting in the combustion of the engine gas is not sufficient in the exhaust pipe oxygen sensor will detect the oxygen content, and Information feedback to UCE, UCE According to the oxygen sensor to provide digital correction fuel injection (total fuel injection = basic fuel injection + fuel injection correction), will extend the injector fuel injection time, increase fuel consumption. Resulting in increased fuel consumption. So when the motorcycle ignition coil damage, will increase fuel consumption. It is recommended that the owner choose the quality reliable product when selecting the motorcycle ignition coil, which can reduce the fuel consumption, improve the combustion of gasoline and reduce the pollution to the environment. Cause of damage to the motorcycle ignition coil

(1) spark plug electrode gap is too large, increase the load of the motorcycle ignition coil, so that high-voltage coil breakdown, resulting in short circuit or open circuit.

(2) engine overheating, coil insulation paint was baked and failed.

(3) the engine does not work, and the ignition switch is not turned off for a long time, due to the thermal effect of the current damage to the motorcycle ignition coil coil insulation.

(4) high-voltage circuit break, so that the resulting high-voltage no way through, easy to cause high-voltage coil was breakdown. At this time the engine is not easy to start, should check whether the high voltage circuit is broken. Motorcycle ignition coil in accordance with the magnetic circuit is divided into open magnetic and closed magnetic two. The traditional motorcycle ignition coil is made of magnetic type, the core with about 0.3 mm silicon steel sheet stacked, the core around the secondary and primary coil. Closed magnetic type is the use of the shape of the core around the primary coil, the outside and then around the secondary coil, magnetic lines from the core to form a closed magnetic circuit. Closed magnetic motorcycle ignition coil has the advantage of less magnetic leakage, energy loss is small, small size, so the electronic ignition system commonly used closed magnetic motorcycle ignition coil.

What are the characteristics of the fire coil?

General motorcycle ignition coil inside the primary and secondary two groups of coils, the primary coil is usually from 0.5-1 mm or so enameled wire around 200-500 turns around; secondary coil enameled wire is generally about 0.1 mm enameled wire around 15000-25000 Turn around.

One end of the primary coil is connected with the positive power supply on the vehicle and the other end is connected with the switching device (breaker). One end of the secondary coil is connected with the primary coil, and the other end is connected with the output of the high voltage line to output high voltage.