Motorcycle Ignition Coil Unusual Easy To Judge

Motorcycle Ignition Coil Unusual easy to judge

Is a company engaged in the development of the ignition coil for many years, development, production and sales as one of the joint-stock enterprises, the company formerly known as Tianjin Shunhua Electric Instrument Company, the company in 2012 restructuring for the joint-stock enterprises. The main products of the enterprise are ignition coil accessories. Today, the ignition coil manufacturers tell you the ignition coil exception easy to judge!

Ignition coil is very easy to determine the method are:

1, intuitive to judge: point by observing the appearance of the ignition coil, if abnormal material spill, insulation cover or shell rupture, should be replaced. (Caused by the above phenomenon and the power system abnormalities, such as ECU control signal anomalies, plug harness damage to the ground, etc.) high-pressure output end of the phenomenon of ablation and other phenomena should be replaced.

2, high-pressure test fire: the spark plug end of the high-voltage line pull out, thread placed from the cylinder 3-6 mm, or with spare parts spark plugs and high-voltage wire harness connection (spark plug thread parts to the cylinder), start the engine test fire, Or sparks are not continuous, you should replace the ignition coil. (For high pressure test, you should first confirm whether the control signal is normal, and should do the work of insulation protection, direct contact with the high voltage line is easy to cause electric shock.

3, the replacement method: the use of the same specifications, good performance of the coil instead of the failure of the coil can be compared to judge. If the fault is removed after the replacement, it means that the replaced coil may be damaged. (When this method is used, if the connection is unreliable due to reloading is corrected, or high-voltage lines, plug leakage point because of re-assembly with the previous easy to discharge connection point change, it may affect the In this case, the coil can be mounted on other vehicles for fault recovery and final confirmation.

    1. With the decoder to read the fault code, the general can be read out which cylinder ignition coil failure.

        2. For the ignition coil of the built-in ignition drive module, if the engine computer sends the 0v - 5v jump pulse to the ignition coil control terminal, the grounding line is normal and the power supply is normal. No spark indicates that the ignition coil assembly is damaged. If there are sparks, but for the better, but does not rule out leakage, contact with virtual, flashing weak, lack of energy, high pressure, high-speed magnetization current, magnetization time - closed angle problem.

3. Ford, Buick and other parts of the internal ignition device to start the ignition mode, bypass control work status, the other Oh, there are high-speed ignition system.