Motorcycle Magnetor Coil Production Process

Motorcycle Magnetor Coil Production Process

Explosion-proof motor insulation coil production process specifically what is the

According to different principles, can be divided into the following types of explosion-proof motor: 1. According to the motor principle points: can be divided into explosion-proof asynchronous motor, explosion-proof synchronous motor and explosion-proof DC motor. 2. According to the use of points: can be divided into mine mine mine explosion-proof motor and factory explosion-proof motor. 3. According to the principle of explosion-proof: can be divided into flameproof motor, increased safety motor, positive pressure motor, no spark type motor and dust explosion-proof motor. 4. According to the matching host points: can be divided into coal mine explosion-proof motor, coal mine winch with explosion-proof motor, rock loader with explosion-proof motor, coal mine fan with explosion-proof motor, valve explosion-proof motor, fan explosion-proof motor, marine explosion Motor, lifting metallurgical explosion-proof motor and hydrogenation device supporting the use of increased safety brushless synchronous motor. In addition, you can also rated voltage, efficiency and other technical indicators to points, such as high-voltage explosion-proof motor, high efficiency motor, high slip rate explosion-proof motor and high starting torque explosion-proof motor.

Explosion-proof motor insulation coil production process technology is what?

Insulation coil production process technology Classification Insulation special high-voltage autotransformer: The utility model involves an autotransformer, especially for the special high-voltage power transmission project classification insulation UHV autotransformer. Including the core and the A coil wound on the core, the coil of the B coil, the A coil and the B coil is electrically connected to the core and the housing. The transformer's housing and core are charged and insulated from the earth, but the potential difference between the coil and the coil tap is only half of the extra-high voltage. Through the classification of insulation technology can be already used to produce ultra-high pressure production technology UHV transformer, the manufacturing costs and R & D cycle significantly reduced. Safe and reliable operation, while the volume reduction, but also reduce the transportation costs.

Thin layer resin insulated dry type transformer: A thin layer resin insulated dry type transformer comprising a core, a low pressure winding and a high voltage winding, characterized in that the high voltage winding is composed of an interconnected aluminum foil conductor and an epoxy resin layer between the aluminum foil conductors And said spaced aluminum foil conductor

Inside and outside with an inner glass mesh layer and an outer glass mesh layer, and an outer layer of epoxy resin on the outside of the outer glass mesh sheet. The advantages of the utility model are as follows: 1. The structure is simple; 2. The cooling condition of the coil is improved; 3. The amount of resin is saved.

Gas-insulated metal-enclosed switchgear Current transformers: A new structure of the current transformer is disclosed, including a housing, both inside a flange and a suspension end, and a transformer coil, The wall is fixed on the inner shield cylinder flange, characterized in that the inner shield barrel is provided with a support device in the radial direction or a coil compression device is arranged at the axial position of the inner shield cylinder. The invention has the advantages that the rigidity of the inner shield can be increased, and the deformation of the inner shield can not be caused by the mechanical vibration of the transformer coil during the transportation and operation of the equipment.

A cable insulation test device having a relay state self-test which comprises an opening circuit and a relay combination unit provided on the open board; the opening circuit is composed of a plurality of transistors; the relay combination unit is composed of a series- And the movable contact or the stationary contact of the idle contact controlled by each of the relay coils are respectively electrically connected with the self-test circuit input terminal provided on the board, and the relay contact The static contact or the movable contact are respectively electrically connected with the power source; the self-test circuit is composed of a plurality of groups of photocouplers. The utility model has the advantages of realizing the monitoring of the test relay state.

A kind of high temperature resistant paint and high temperature non-magnetic enameled wire and its preparation method are obtained by synthesizing the existing raw material component by sublimation or distillation purification. The invention also discloses a high temperature non-magnetic enameled wire adopting the high temperature insulating paint, a preparation method thereof and a special enameled charter. The enameled wire has a high temperature resistance, non-magnetic-specific gravity magnetic susceptibility XD.