Motorcycle Magnetor Coil The Origin Of The Name

  Motorcycle Magnetor Coil Motor is not simply called the coil, the magnetic motor is a general term, by the coil, constant magnet and shell and other components, the coil cutting constant magnet magnetic field lines and electromotive force (voltage) connected to the circuit after the electrical discharge, the coil is only A component of a magneto motor.

  Motorcycle Magnetor Coil Motorcycle magnetic motor trigger coil and ignition coil is not one, if there is no trigger coil engine can not fire, in fact, the trigger coil is to replace the previous contact with the ignition of platinum, and modern are non-contact electronic ignition, and no The electronic ignition of the contacts must trigger the coil to control the thyristor inside the electronic igniter. The working principle of the non-contact electronic ignition is as follows (in the case of a general motorcycle):

  Motorcycle Magnetor Coil First of all, the magnetic motor charging coil to the electronic ignition charge (in fact, to the inside of a capacitor charging, junior physics have talked about), in general, there is a small magnet magnet rotor, the trigger coil is installed on the stator , It is very close to the magnet, but not contact (why is called non-contact ignition is the reason), the magnetic motor every rotation of a week, the small magnet will pass through the trigger coil, then the small magnet and the trigger coil to cut Magnetic motion (which is also mentioned in junior high school), once the angular force of the motor that triggers the coil will produce a weak current, weak current to the electronic igniter inside the thyristor power, the SCR will be stored in the capacitor inside the current Released to the ignition coil (that is, a transformer, commonly known as high-pressure package), the current through the ignition coil voltage from low pressure to tens of thousands of volts of high voltage, and then through the spark plug to the cylinder of mixed gas ignition so that the engine work; Superficial narrative I do not know whether the landlord to understand the role of the trigger coil, and then simple point, the trigger coil is to control the ignition time, no It is absolutely not; also note that there are two ignition coil on the motorcycle, magnetic motor which is low-voltage ignition coil, its role is to charge the ignition, and the other is the high-voltage ignition coil, the role of the front has been described The