Motorcycle Piston Ring

1, high content of nitrogen ring technology, it uses a distributed intelligent control system for the playground to ensure the effectiveness of its advanced technology and reliability;
2, its piston rings clean technology is pollution-free production technology is an environmentally-friendly products, industry trends, and chrome-plated ring production and use is easy and difficult to eliminate environmental pollution, have not adapted to market requirements, is a product about to be eliminated.
3, nitrogen ring performance, surface hardness of HV1000-1400, higher than the chrome-plated rings HV200-600, so its wear resistance is much higher than the chrome ring;
4, resistant to high temperatures, heat sensitivity, nitrogen ring in recent 600C the surface hardness at high temperatures do not change, and chrome-plated ring at 300C temperatures, hardness decrease with the increase of temperature;
5, improving the mechanical properties of piston ring nitride, its resistance to corrosion fatigue strength resiliency life are far greater than the chrome ring;
6, nitrogen rings on the piston seal than the chrome ring good, low fuel consumption, easy to start, than the chrome ring good, low fuel consumption, easy starting, durable and reliable than chrome rings;
7, nitrided surface finish high rings, the oil ring nitriding coloring is beautiful and sleek;