Motorcycle Relay Application Areas

Motorcycle Relay Application areas

With the gradual implementation of China's top ten industrial revitalization policy and deepening, the demand for relay and application areas will continue to expand in the consolidation and expansion. The traditional electromechanical relays still remain at a growth rate of not less than 7% -8%, the development rate of solid state relays will be close to 15%, while the special relays will be more than 20% speed of rapid development. All the data show that: China's relay into the track of sustainable development.

Statistics show that: China's relay industry in the industrial market last year, the scale of the application of more than 1 billion yuan, of which the scale of solid-state relays more than 100 million yuan, accounting for 10% of the overall market share, and with the relevant national policies in depth, Solid state relays will maintain an average annual growth rate of more than 15 percent over the next few years, and this will also lay a solid foundation for the development of mobile clients in the relay industry.

From the current development trend, a lot of olfactory sensitive relay manufacturers have sniffed the future market opportunities, have started the market layout, and the integration of mobile Internet development is naturally the choice of most companies, "relay" mobile client is Is produced in this context. All the information to the outside world to convey such a signal: the development prospects of the relay industry, the development of relay mobile market will be the future trend of the industry to expand profits.

"Relay" mobile client has been able to become the development of the relay industry-oriented, on the one hand because with the deepening of the impact of mobile Internet, the traditional line of the market has begun to move to mobile e-commerce, open mobile Internet market will be relay Industry to bring more profit opportunities, on the one hand because of mobile e-commerce this development model, can promote the transformation and upgrading of the relay industry.

All along, the development of China's relay industry there are many problems, such as the overall technical backwardness, product development imbalance and enterprise development imbalance and so on. Some enterprises produce more than the patent protection period of the relay products, and imitation more than innovation, the basic lack of breakthrough development, high technology, high value-added products less, the overall technical strength of the enterprise, the economic benefits are not high. These problems seriously hampered the development of the relay industry.

"Relay" mobile client appears, not only for the relay manufacturers to open up new sales channels and create new profit points, more importantly, to promote the sharing of industry resources, especially in technology, the platform will greatly enhance the openness The interaction between the technical resources of enterprises, thus promoting the relay industry as a whole to improve the level of technology to promote the transformation and upgrading of the relay industry. (Hereinafter referred to as "Gordon Electric") has been formed across a home appliance, industrial, energy and other fields of professional production of the relay chain. Recently, the enterprise product system in addition to a new partner, new energy vehicles and other high-power relay new product has been successfully developed and to the market.

"Enterprises want to continue to go beyond the development, we must continue to introduce new, innovative and creative posture to grasp the market dynamic direction." Gordon Electric Deputy General Manager Zhou Yi recently in an interview with reporters, by Gordon electrical professional production of the relay Products have covered many domestic and foreign home appliances, transportation, industry, energy, information, medical and other market areas, and truly meet the various needs of different users.