Motorcycle Relay Coil Energized

Motorcycle Relay Coil energized

With the development of social science and technology, the motorcycle started by the old-fashioned foot slowly increased the electric start, and some motorcycles also directly canceled the foot start only one electric start. Electric boot circuit has an indispensable part, that is, motorcycle relays.

   Relay: As the name suggests, the relay is to continue to let the current through the electrical. Usually placed in the motorcycle electric starting circuit, which consists of a coil, the activities of the core and the two terminals, with the door lock the fire line, electric start switch, diode and start the motor in series in the motorcycle's electric start circuit

   Relay works: open the door lock press the power to start the switch, the relay coil power, according to the principle of magnetic induction coil that the coil has a magnetic field, the core of the coil into the magnet and connected to the relay Two terminals to the electrical start motor power, to start the motorcycle

   Relay common faults:

   1, electrical start switch contact bad, motorcycle failure phenomenon is unable to start.

   2, stall switch off, the motorcycle can not start after the file.

   3, the use of diode switching in the start switch circuit placed in the diode, if the diode is broken, the electrical start switch at the junction, the motorcycle can not control the electrical start circuit.

   4, the relay coil in the core and the two posts connected to the column, resulting in start the motor (motor) has been working on the illusion, it will damage the electrical start line of electricity equipment.

 Relay troubleshooting: First, cut off the power line on the relay, and then check the circuit with the electrical appliances.

To achieve the role of starting the motorcycle engine motorcycle ignition

  Motorcycle regulator

Also known as ballast regulator or regulator rectifier, motorcycles in idling and normal driving, the engine speed range is very large. Correspondingly, the generator output voltage change will be great. Generally vary between 15V and 60V. This unstable voltage can not be directly on the battery and light bulbs and other electrical power supply. At this time, we must use the regulator. The regulator can output a relatively stable voltage of 13V to 14V at 15V-60V. So, this voltage can be connected to the battery.