Motorcycle Relay Contact Control

Motorcycle Relay Contact control

Common Fault Problems in Motorcycle Relay Contact Control Line

1. Maintenance of the sensing mechanism

For electromagnetic (voltage, current, middle) motorcycle relays, the sensing mechanism is the electromagnetic system. Electromagnetic system failure mainly concentrated in the coil and moving, static core part.

(1) coil troubleshooting

Coil failure is usually coil insulation damage; by the mechanical formation of interrupted short circuit or ground; due to the power supply voltage is too low, moving, static core contact is not tight, so that through the coil current is too large, the coil heat to burn. When repairing, the coil should be rewound. If the coil is not connected after the power is not connected, the coil may be connected at the junction line off, so that the coil circuit. Check out the drop after the welding can be.

(2) core troubleshooting

Core failure is mainly after the power of the end of the arm can not absorb. This may be due to coil disconnection, moving, static core between the foreign body, the power supply voltage is too low caused. Should be differentiated to repair.

After power, the armature noise. This may be due to moving, static core contact surface is not flat, or oil pollution caused. Repair, should remove the coil, file flat or polished its contact surface; if oil should be cleaned.

The noise may be due to short circuit, ring break caused by repair or replace the new short circuit can be.

After the power, the armature can not be released immediately, which may be due to moving the core was stuck, the core air gap is too small, spring strain and the core contact surface caused by oil and so on. Maintenance should be treated for different reasons, or adjust the air gap to protect it in the 0.02 ~ 0.05mm, or replace the spring, or use gasoline to clean the oil. For thermal motorcycle relays, the sensing mechanism is a thermal element. Its common failure is the thermal components burned, or hot components malfunction and no action.

(1) heat element burned out. This may be due to the short side of the load side, or the operating frequency of the hot element is too high. Maintenance should be replaced when the heat element, re-adjust the set value.

(2) the thermal component malfunction. This may be due to the setting value is too small, not overload on the action, or the use of occasions have a strong impact and vibration, so that the action mechanism loose trip caused by malfunction caused by (3) thermal components do not move. This may be due to the setting value is too small, so that the thermal components lost overload protection caused. Maintenance should be based on the load current to adjust the current set.

2. Maintenance of the implementing agency

The surface burns burns traces of silver contacts can be refurbished, the copper contacts can be used to repair the oil file or knife. Do not allow the use of emery or sandpaper to repair, so as not to residual sand, resulting in poor contact.