Motorcycle Relay Future Market

Motorcycle Relay Future market

Motorcycle relay has developed in the high-end technology market

In the future market is absolutely a time of high speed and automation, and the development of anything depends on the technology and rich experience of success. Especially for the motorcycle relay industry, the production base culture of the enterprise can satisfy the market "software", without its "hardware" will not be able to run the production will stop. In this way, the supply of commodities on the market will not be abundant. Manufacturers are not trusted and supported. Therefore, a packaging machinery manufacturer only continuously upgrade and renovate its own equipment, and firmly believe that the locomotive components will develop in this high-end technology and technology market.

Market economy is social productive forces to support the normal work and life of people, locomotive parts production technology research has more than 10 years of time, to the production of motorcycle relay, automotive basin type, the snail is very confident. Has passed iso9001:2000 system certification, the equipment from production to the factory is responsible for debugging and inspection. Ensure the usability and quality of the equipment. Welcome new and old friends to join hands to create the future together. What exactly does a relay do? Motorcycle manufacturers introduce the effects of relays to you. In order to get a more harmonious and pleasing sound, the car often has two different tones (high and low). The high-pitched diaphragm is thick, the sound is short, the bass is the opposite. The total current is small (< 8A), usually directly controlled by the button on the steering wheel. When the two helices are installed, the current is larger (> 15-20a), and the button is directly controlled and the touch point of the ablation button is easy to be used.

In order to avoid this shortcoming, the relay can be used to control the dual tone power.

When the relay structure and the wiring are pressed by the button on the steering wheel, the relay coil is photoelectric, and the position of the relay is generated by the electromagnetism of the relay, which makes the contact of the relay close, and the dual tone power is connected and pronounced. When the full button is released, the relay coil is off, the electromagnetism is lost, the contact is opened under its own elastic force, the electric circuit is cut off and the sound is stopped.