Motorcycle Relay Has A Control System

Motorcycle Relay Has a control system

Motorcycle relay (English name: relay) is an electrical control device, when the input (excitation amount) changes to meet the specified requirements, in the electrical output circuit to control the amount of a predetermined step changes in an electrical The It has a control system (also known as the input circuit) and the control system (also known as the output circuit) between the interaction. Usually used in automated control circuits, it is actually a small current to control the operation of a large current "automatic switch". So in the circuit plays an automatic adjustment, security protection, conversion circuit and so on.

1, motorcycle relays are not open.

1) The load current is greater than the SSR rated switching current, which will make the motorcycle relay permanent short circuit, this time should use the rated current larger SSR.

2) at the ambient temperature of the motorcycle relay, such as poor heat dissipation, will damage the output of semiconductor devices, then use a larger or more effective heat sink.

3) The line voltage transients cause the SSR output to pass through, and use a higher rated SSR or provide additional transient protection circuitry.

4) The line voltage used is higher than the SSR rated voltage.

5) Motorcycle relay parameters are unstable.

 6) coil failure

Motorcycle relays in the circuit plays an automatic adjustment, security protection, conversion circuit and so on. Environmental conditions of use is not high, industrial control motorcycle relays, industrial control used in motorcycle relays, contact load power, long life. So, for the motorcycle relays, the main application in which areas?

 1, the automotive sector: the automotive industry is increasingly widely used motorcycle relays.

The more common car and motorcycle relays are: start the motor start motorcycle relays, cautious motorcycle relays, motor or generator break motorcycles relay, charge voltage and current regulation motorcycle relays, change signal flash motorcycle relays, light brightness Control motorcycle relays and air conditioning control motorcycle relays, sliding doors automatic opening and closing control motorcycle relays; glass windows and lan controls motorcycle relays.

 2, household appliances: air-conditioned motorcycle relays are mainly used to control the compressor motor, fan motor and cooling pump motor to perform the relevant control functions.