Motorcycle Relay Mainly Exist

Motorcycle Relay Mainly exist

The Problems of Motorcycle Relay Industry in China

At present, China's motorcycle relay industry in the development of the following main problems:

The overall technology is lagging behind. Mainly produced more than the patent protection period of the motorcycle relay products, and imitation more than innovation, the basic no breakthrough development.

Product development is uneven. High-tech, high value-added products, and ordinary electromagnetic, non-sealed products and more investment products for consumer products and more.

Unbalanced development of the enterprise. The overall strength of the strong technical strength of enterprises, economic efficiency is not high; and labor-intensive and no independent development capability of the assembly-type enterprises, due to low labor costs and other factors, relying on large-scale production, can still win some benefits.

Low value-added export products. Export volume is large but low technical content, with cheap labor costs, export manufacturers competing prices, squeeze the limited market, earn hard earned money.

These problems have hindered the development of the motorcycle relay industry. But the foresight of the motorcycle relay manufacturers have been based on the actual business, and actively seek a breakthrough for the development of domestic enterprises out of the new development path.

Communication motorcycle relay is the future direction of research and development

Communication motorcycle relays will be the direction of motorcycle relay research and development, communications, motorcycle relays to become the largest application market, the third generation of communications motorcycle relays have been widely used; solid state motorcycle relay using microelectronics technology, products to intelligent , The development of modular direction, the steady increase in market demand; car as the second largest market for motorcycle relay applications, the increase in the amount of bicycles, varieties of rapid expansion, especially the car power system from 14 volts to 42 volts, will promote Technology innovation; machine electromagnetic motorcycles to maintain its working state of low power consumption of home appliances and power products of choice, motorcycle relay manufacturers continue to introduce new products. Domestic motorcycle new varieties have reached the mid-90s of the last century, the world level, and gradually shorten the gap with the advanced level of foreign countries.

The future of China's motorcycle relay market will achieve more rapid development of domestic enterprises in China's market will show how the development trend, we do not know, but, with the upgrading of China's manufacturing industry, domestic motorcycle relays will have Higher and faster development, high-end market for domestic enterprises is not a dream.