Motorcycle Running

1. break-in period needed to control speed
Running period within of speed and engine of speed control initially of 500 km normal driving of when, speed best don't over 5000 turned speed don't over 501500 km zhiqian speed don't over 6000 turned, speed don't over 602000 km zhiqian speed don't over 8000 turned, speed don't over 80 in running period within, engine speed to often change, the document bit are to running, throttle don't fixed in a a speed continued of run, So do of purpose is to makes the parts balanced by force running, but don't over provides of highest speed here to special stressed about, above of data no after science of argument, landlord also no so professional of level to argument, these just according to years of experience and General veteran years of practice and to, also has is, in each for oil zhiqian can each document bit are pulled about high-speed, time should not be had long, more than 10 seconds foot carry, purpose is elimination product carbon and put oil of when put off running of iron!
2. with regard to heat cars during the break-in period of the engine
Whether hot or cold, after the ignition, should allow idling time for engine warm-up, or at least a minute to two minutes, in order to better allow the oil to flow to all parts of the lubrication.