Motorcycle Starter Motor Drive Gear

Motorcycle Starter Motor Drive gear

Motorcycle starter motor in the application process will inevitably occur some failures, which may occur idling fault, the main reason for this failure, we understand how much, then for everyone to elaborate below:

1) motorcycle starting motor fork damage, dislocation or rod hook off.

2) Motorcycle starter motor drive gear and engine flywheel ring gear wear serious or broken.

3) engine flywheel ring gear and flywheel loose. Engine flywheel ring gear and flywheel in normal circumstances is the interference with the loose, the motorcycle starting motor only driven tooth ring rotation and the engine does not turn.

4) motorcycle starting motor armature and armature core out of line. When the motorcycle starting motor work under the action of the magnetic field force, only the armature core rotation and the shaft does not turn, no torque transmission to the engine, causing the motorcycle to start the motor idling.

5) one-way clutch slip and clutch failure to launch two kinds of failure at the start of the performance of the motorcycle starting motor idling, and the engine does not turn the phenomenon. Need to carefully understand the motorcycle starting motor is occasional idling or has been idle. If the motorcycle can start the motor can drive the engine, especially in the case of heat to bring more times, you can determine the one-way clutch slip; if the engine does not turn, then the one-way clutch is not launched, can not be achieved Engagement of pinion and flywheel ring gear.

6) motorcycle starting motor electromagnetic switch in advance power supply (electromagnetic switch core stroke is too short), this fault performance for the motorcycle starting motor speed is very high, there are obvious gear impact. When the release of the ignition open the United States and out of the moving gear, to stop the power supply, the motorcycle starter motor does not stop, but continue to run a few seconds after the stop. Electromagnetic switch in the circuit and the transmission mechanism is improperly adjusted, when the motor circuit is connected, the gear on the gear has not yet and flywheel ring meshing and so on.

Motorcycle starter motor idling failure is the main reason for these, we must follow the instructions to correctly handle the above problems, the only way to try to avoid the occurrence of idle failure, more information on the motorcycle starting motor, will continue for everyone finishing, stay tuned. Motorcycle start motor fault check:

1, the battery power or power is weak, so there is a motorcycle starting motor can not turn or slow rotation of the fault.

2, the motorcycle starting motor thread loose or off, switch or adsorption switch failure.

3, excitation coil or armature coil short circuit and open circuit.

4, brush wear or brush face is not correct, spring weakness, so that the rectifier contact bad.

5, rectifier defacement, mica sheet protruding, resulting in poor contact with the brush and rectifier.