Motorcycle Starter Motor Engine Starting

Motorcycle Starter Motor Engine starting

Fault diagnosis and elimination of motorcycle starting motor

Troubleshooting: motorcycles starting motor driven gear and flywheel ring gear caused by meshing does not reach the designated position phenomenon is called "it" motorcycles starting motor, when the phenomenon of the individual is caused by improper motorcycles starting motor adjustment, but for used cars for a longer time, the cause of such failure are different.

1. Adjust the motor suction switch of motorcycle starting motor (Beijing 2020), and ensure that the motorcycle starting motor absorbs in place (free of the adjustment of CAl091 and dongfeng EQ1090).

2. Park the vehicle on the floor or on the flat surface and use the triangular wood to set the wheels.

3. Start the engine, step on the clutch pedal and hold it, slow down the pedal and make the engine run.

4. Turn off the ignition switch when the clutch is separated, so that the engine is out of fire.

5. Enter the car to open the small oil bottom shell and mark with chalk on the bottom of the flywheel.

6. The above steps 3, 4, 5 action repeatedly, to observe the distribution of flywheel marks, such as uniform distribution, mark is proved motorcycles starting motor driven gear and flywheel drive gear ring wear nothing, should be replaced. If mark distribution, prove that results from dynamic unbalance flywheel, can be in mark corresponding to the symmetry of parts with appropriate weight balance (blocks), so that we can make the flywheel slightly to dynamic balance in the operation, effectively solve the motorcycles starting motor driven gear and flywheel ring gear assembly "seem" resulting from local wear phenomenon.

As we all know, the engine's starting needs the support of external forces, the motor motorcycle starting motor is playing the role. Motorcycle starting motor can convert the electric energy of the battery into mechanical energy, and drive the engine flywheel to realize the starting of the engine. Generally speaking, motorcycle starting motor USES three parts to realize the whole starting process. The direct current motor introduces the current from the accumulator and makes the driving gear of the motorcycle start motor to produce mechanical movement; The driving mechanism will drive the gear meshing into the flywheel gear, and it will be automatically removed after the engine starts. The circuit breaker of motor starting motor is controlled by an electromagnetic switch. Among them, the motor is a major part of the internal motorcycles starting motor, its working principle is we are exposed to in the junior middle school physics based on the ampere's law of energy conversion process, the role of the electric conductor in magnetic field force. The motor includes necessary armature, commutator, pole, brush, bearing and shell.