Motorcycle Starter Motor Starting Performance

Motorcycle Starter Motor Starting performance

Motor starter motor starting performance: 1, the engine starting performance evaluation indicators are: (1) starting torque (2) the minimum starting speed (3) starting power (4) starting limit temperature

  1, starting torque

      Motorcycle starter motor to have enough torque to overcome the initial rotation of the engine when the various resistance. Starting resistance includes: (1) friction resistance moment (2) compression resistance torque (3) inertia resistance moment

      2, the minimum starting speed (1) at a certain temperature, the engine can start the minimum crankshaft speed. Gasoline engine is generally about 50 ~ 70r / min, preferably 70 ~ 100 ~ r / min or more. (2) Motorcycle starting motor to the engine speed is greater than the minimum speed of the engine: If less than this speed, the fuel pump fuel shortage, air flow rate is too low, the formation of combustible mixture is not sufficient, but also the compression stroke heat Loss and loss of leakage increased, resulting in the engine can not start.

      3, starting power

      The motor starter motor has the power to match the starting power necessary for the engine to start. And the capacity of the battery and the motor starter motor capacity should be proportional to.

      4, start the limit temperature, when the ambient temperature is lower than the starting limit temperature, should take the starting auxiliary measures: (1) increase the battery capacity (2) intake heating (3) EFI low temperature compensation

  Motorcycle starting motor structure: motorcycle starting motor mainly by the electromagnetic meshing switch, gear, motor, starting gear (pinion) and one-way clutch and other components. Motorcycle starter motors and traditional motorcycle starter motors are the same, are string motorcycles starter motor, their structure is similar. However, the motorcycle starter motor has the following notable features:

      ① power output structure is divided into armature shaft and drive shaft two parts. Armature shaft at both ends with ball bearing support, load distribution, use a long time, easy to wear, armature is shorter, less prone to armature shaft bending, wear magnetic field winding situation.

      ② the use of the device, between the rotor and the starting gear, the installation of gear, starting the motor to the starting gear torque will increase. The use of electromagnetic switch, so bear the motor (after gear) power output is the starting gear and starting gear shaft, and the clutch part does not move. The output power of small motorcycle starter motor, often using external meshing way, the output power of the motorcycle starting motor with internal meshing way.

      ③ motor starter motor using electromagnetic switch control, and some with auxiliary switch (or vice switch). Its role is to prevent burning the electromagnetic switch and the door (start) switch. Class power supply, greatly reducing the possibility of motorcycle starter motor damage, thus extending the life of the motorcycle starter motor.