Motorcycle Starter Motor Wear Out

Motorcycle Starter Motor Wear out

Overhaul of the main project is the cylinder for the piston, to restore the normal clearance between the piston and the cylinder, the domestic motorcycle is generally 0.05 mm to 0.07 mm (referring to the piston skirt and the gap between the cylinder). How to avoid the surface of the cylinder wear, it has become a key issue to extend the life of the motorcycle. This article on the use of motorcycles to take any measures to avoid the cylinder wear is described below.

1. To avoid the phenomenon of sticky cylinder: stick cylinder phenomenon is the piston and the cylinder surface block adhesion. The main reason for the production of cylinder in addition to the engine lack of lubricating oil, because the engine cooling is not good overheating, so that lubricating oil loss of lubrication. How to avoid the engine overheating? On the one hand to regularly clean the cylinder heat sink, so that it has a good cooling conditions; the other hand, often observe the heat sink temperature. The surface temperature after heat dissipation is generally below 180 ° C and can be measured with a surface thermometer. Owners can also use the method of spouting test the temperature of the heat sink. If the saliva in the heat sink on the sound of Zizi, it means that the temperature is very high, need to stop cooling in time to wait until the temperature down to continue to drive, to avoid the phenomenon of sticky cylinder.

Also, when driving found in the refueling speed but decreased, it should be timely parking, which is the precursor of the cylinder, absolutely can not continue to drive. When the engine is cooled, the piston should be removed with sandpaper and oil stone grinding cylinder and piston adhesion surface, the only way to save the damage has been caused, otherwise the cylinder will be scrapped.

2. The new car to go through a good run:

Although the surface of the cylinder from the factory produced into a very bright, but from the microscopic point of view is still uneven, convex part of the vulnerable, if at this time to bear a larger load, it will cause the cylinder surface of the injury. So the use of new cars, must be light load, to be part of the polished after the convex, the cylinder surface can withstand a large load. So that the life of the cylinder surface will be extended, running a good cylinder than the non-running cylinder relative life is much longer, which is a lot of scientists proved by the practice.

In the motorcycle factory, manufacturers require users to run a new car, run-in period is generally between 1000 to 2000 km. In the new car running-in period, and some manufacturers in the motorcycle Shantou throat at the limited speed tube, so that the new car speed than the normal use of the lower speed, it is best not manned. For two-stroke motorcycle, gasoline and lubricating oil mixing ratio should be increased to 20: 1 or so, in order to more conducive to the cylinder surface running.