Talking About The Type Of Four-stroke Motorcycle Engine

1. single-cylinder
Single cylinder is a basic starting point for all engines, invented arrangement for motorcycle engines. Different types of engine were formed by the different amounts of single-cylinder layout. Will burn because of the need to rotate the crankshaft two weeks work, so the working poor sense of smooth, drivers will clearly feel the vibration of the cylinder piston moves up and down. On the surface, a weakness in performance, but in the subjective emotional fans prefer it.
2. side by side (parallel) dual-cylinder
In short, parallel twin-cylinder engine can be thought of as two single-cylinder engine is available in a 180o on the crankshaft. When a piston is TDC and one piston at BDC location (except for the few engines such as the Honda CD250). Because of inertia two pistons moving up and down, you can cancel each other out, so less volatile than single cylinder caused by moving parts.