Vehicle And Parts Problems

First of all, domestic auto enterprises in the national policy of support when effort cannot be satisfied with the status quo. In product development, increasing strength, expanding and supporting context, unswervingly go, otherwise it may be swallowed by foreign enterprises. Secondly, the foreign parts and products are low risk, guaranteed quality, domestic car companies will buy in large quantities, so domestic parts manufacturers should of their own management and quality of good close, otherwise, other people are afraid to use your product.
By conventional parts and extends to key parts of a new energy reach the same conclusion, otherwise key components such as foreign occupation, and then to imitate other people's own development can also cause adverse effects, so the quality of the product is very important. For wearing parts filters, braking development of the film industry in a period of domestic enterprise level is very good, especially the filter industry. Car ownership in China is rising, so consumables market is very big, is no problem on the level of manufacturing costs and research and development, mainly in terms of their quality needs to pay more attention to, and take advantage of our strengths and quality, allow users to rest assured.